Grammy Fashion Hits & Misses

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    Sherri Shepherd sits down with Wendy's Style Squad to get their take on the fashion hits and misses from the Grammy Awards.
    From Jennifer Lopez's hat to Katy Perry's look, find out which looks were hot and which ones were not!
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    1. Davina Test

      Yes I agree about the hair with Gaga plus gaga,gaga burn those shoes.

    2. Iza Almacen

      Wow fresh looking lady gaga 😲😲😲

    3. Jimmy Henstock

      cardi dress ugly as hell bich

    4. Odette Chisholm

      She said she has a new body🤣🤣😆 I’m going back to bed

    5. Roshni Ali

      JLo wins!

    6. Emilin Maria

      cardio outfit is actually awful wtf is wrong with proplr

    7. Ashlyn Del Rey

      Is this the straight Fashion Photo Review

    8. design&classics

      I agree with the third guy most!

    9. Chloe wilson

      What the hell is Cardi doing with all those movements? Dolly, I am sorry, she does look cheap. She has had extensive plastic surgery done. I know of way better looking women than her without all the plastic!

    10. Reginald Evans

      I wish they would've shown Fantasia's dress

    11. Tanisha  Wilson-john

      Oh shut up you lot don’t know what your talking about

    12. Peter Jay Obillo

      Why is someone that is not from the music industry is attending Grammys?

    13. LetVeePlay music

      I think Miley looked bomb and cardi came to represent, she was on fire P. S check my channel I have the funniest Grammy 2019 review video. (please like so others can see this too🙏🙏)

    14. Elaita 1

      1970s Detroit pimp 😂😂😂😂😂💀

    15. Elaita 1

      I honestly feel like Bev is jealous of that new body.

    16. tangee o

      No he didn't say she looks like she is in 2 arm slings, lmao!

    17. Winona Bawanan does she pee with that dress?

    18. David

      8:12 it's a HERPES

    19. DV 8

      If you're not nominated for the awards or not even in the industry don't even mention the person.

    20. funny videos show

      I'm a wild spirit I would do it

    21. deb jean

      I agree with Lloyd, Lady Gaga should have colored those roots and got a nice hairdo.

    22. sbk007

      Two ugly women and two gay men discussing fashion

    23. Stella Alfaro

      Thumbs dowǹ JLO looked fabulous

    24. Ajung Odyuo

      Please.....honey....Kylie look bomb

    25. jediya brown

      Smh cardi b’s outfit looks so bad

    26. esther Yeshua

      Jenny I love your look, Jenny is getting hate for nothing.

    27. niño Donato

      Lady gaga is no longer a music star, she is a movie star. Love it !

    28. T.mackkkin

      Raw raw this raw raw that all👏 talk👏 but 👏no 👏action

    29. Laura Torres

      ridiculous comments

    30. w brandon

      This dress was a for DAMN SURE MISS. SHE looks like TULIP that got CONFUSED on whether to remain a FLOWER or turn into a MUTATION gone WRONG.

    31. Antonio Kinsey

      I never watch these shows but I enjoyed it thanks. All the outfits made for great t.v.

    32. Lisa Lisa

      This whole segment was soo entertaining. Great job. 🙌

    33. Odd P

      All of them looked just ok and kinda silly. Especially cardi, katie and kylie. Cardi is the media darling because clearly she was one of the oddly dressed her and katie

    34. Shelley Sharun

      Lady Hahaha it is a FAIL

    35. Faye Gourlie

      So many silly and impractical “fashions”.

    36. Blah Blue

      Sometimes the women who wear too much make up and have too many facial expressions look like men in drag....Am I the only one who thinks that?

    37. Michele Pace

      I think Kylie " I don't have to show everything I've got to be beautiful!!" Also very professional statement at the same time. Lady Gaga blew them all out of the park with her gown and that hair style was sexy and beautiful. Kardie D was definitely beautiful in her fabulous gown!! I think all of the ladies on stage together at the Oscars looked sensational!!! Strong women rock!!

    38. Jessica LT

      Oh my god!! Jenner looks ridiculous!!

    39. Frankie Raman

      Katie Perry looks like a pink balloon.

    40. RV Life

      Am I the only one that thinks Kylie Jenner looks like Michael Jackson???

    41. lost soul

      Why the black one in black dress wants everyone to show off their body

    42. lost soul

      Kylie's face looked like she was about to cry

    43. What about the world? Awoke yet?

      LADY GAGA!

    44. SymphonyNo.9

      Gaga has the edgiest vibes

    45. Ross Well

      Wendy Williams is problematic af but y'all still stan

    46. Princess Fridah

      Wwooòoow my cardi

    47. d r

      "..doing dishes at an insane asylum.." LMAO

    48. Hometown Cleaning


    49. Natasha Waris

      "she has a new body" lmao that shade on Kylie 😂

    50. Shannon Lee

      Katy's dress reminded me of those doll cakes that i would get for my birthday as a little kid.🎂😜

    51. Zasha Lugo

      Profesional haters. They WISH they could were these outfits. I think they all looked great even jlo

    52. Remy Mesi

      That bald white guy’s always wrong

    53. Deb Z

      I just want to know how some of these people will sit in these over-the-top dresses?? That dude was right--most of these pieces belong on the runway or fashion museum. LOL

    54. nissimusic2

      This is fashion?

    55. Jay love

      I’m a millennial.. I know the 9-5 song and I work more than 40hrs a week thank you very much. Y’all don’t know that millennials are almost in their 30s , so we all here working our asses off okurrr.

    56. Karen FENNER

      Sheri KNOCKED IT OUT THE PARK Again!!!! I Love, Love her. Fingers are crossed for her to stay!!💃🏻

    57. La Reina

      What they said abt kylie was mean

    58. France Lewis

      I dont think the people critising could look any better. The dress with the halo doesnt fit the model

    59. y s

      Robert's glitter snake print jacket!

    60. Lizzie Darling

      Millennials work more for less pay what a horrible host to alienate a whole age group. “Fat ugly old lady how do you like it. You can afford Lipo why you such a grub “ how do you like it ?

    61. Airwind Bautista

      They were fashion critic but their fashion sense is not even that great... much love to the fashion sense of JLo and Lady Gaga

    62. love a nurse 55

      I love love love Miss Cardi B ❤️

    63. love a nurse 55

      Shari you look beautiful and I so love your hair! It’s perfect!

    64. Miss Dalidah

      I am sorry to say but Cardi B is a puppet and the music industry and all the fans are the Puppetmaster. She has a empty look in her eyes and looks exhausted🙊

    65. Makeida

      The first episode with wendy when she comes back is gonna be so emotional

    66. Simbalina X

      99.9% of what they showed was horrendous dresses or outfits.😂😂😂🙄

    67. Isabel Diaz

      Jlo look fab in stoyle

    68. Faith Chepkorir

      She could've DONE THE HAIR! 😂😂. Oh snap!

    69. jannel love

      Where tf is Nick!!!😣

    70. Dr kk

      Bald dude telling gaga to do her hair.... She's Gaga.... She doesn't give a FUC what you think...

    71. Madeline Hosking

      Haha trying to chanel a 1970s Detroit pimp with the hat...brilliant description

    72. Dr kk

      Just B/C your Kylie Jenner.... Doesn't mean you can wear your pajamas to the Grammys

    73. shervin

      the black dude is obsessed with hating gaga. stfu I

    74. Sherry Mori

      Looks like a turkey.

    75. Arangba Tzudir

      Katy Perry's face looks breathe taking!!!! Even if she wore a sack her face would recover everything!!!!?

    76. gypsytwigg glitter

      Dolly Parton so cute her

    77. Polynesian Glamour

      Dolly doing Dolly!! 💕

    78. Polynesian Glamour

      Anybody else would rather have Lady Gaga come out of an egg??

    79. L.B.M

      WHAT?!! is it me or anyone else noticed, these 2 bald guys are like wearing each other's swapped top & bottoms??? haha LOL....

      1. Laverne Johnson


      2. L.B.M

        +Jessica LT yep jessy..

      3. Jessica LT

        L.B.M similar colors....

    80. Lilly Lopez

      They reviewed all the tacky, guetto people of the grammys. Where are all the classy women from the Grammys at?

    81. Semone Robinson

      People need to STOP confusing millennials with gen Z!!! Millennials:1980s to mid 90s Gen Z:1995 to 2010

    82. Cody Walker

      I got the SUGAR DIABETES!!!!

    83. Nicola Ablett

      ENJOYED THE COMMENTARY irreverent and mostly spot on

    84. Peggy Smyth

      She looked like a cake topper.... LMAO

    85. Addis Kitchen

      Kylie why !!! Ugly clothes


      Continue to stand strong Cardi B. Jesus Loves you!!! They just mad because you didn't have to trade your soul . . .

    87. Bogdan Pruteanu

      Freak circus

    88. Blah Blah

      or they all look amazing bc it’s just cloth and a body???

    89. aaliymah

      Katy was a no but Cardi was a hit? I don't get it

    90. robin smith

      I hated what Janelle Monae was wearing. Ugly dress....hated the hat. She needed arm strings like a puppet

    91. robin smith

      Loved Katy Perry's hair....but what was she wearing. She looked like a plastic pregnant barbie out of the box.

    92. robin smith

      Lady GA GA needed to do something with the hair. Also did not love the dress.

    93. robin smith

      Yessss honey J LO lose that hat TOO MUCH

    94. robin smith

      I guess Cardi B could not sit down all night. Must have been a long night.


      Robert, howz it feel to be white?!? Roflmao

    96. Maureen Lionel

      The world has gone mad. What the hell is cardi b wearing. These people are crazy.


      Kylie wore a Snuggie?!?! Hahahahaha I think she’s pregnant again to


      Cardi got her ody back, thats for sure🥰

    99. Cardsmaster

      Millennials Cancel Sherri Shepard. #sherrishepardisoverparty