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    One of the dudes SHAVES THEIR EYEBROWS in our wildest Overtime yet!
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    1. Dude Perfect

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      1. Bjørnar Pepperkake

        Use code HelpW2S

      2. Lund boy

        Dude Perfect 👌🏻

      3. Maximilian Silow


      4. Rubel Hossain

        *How to grow my chanel a saggetion plz.......*

      5. Mark Lopez

        One so hyped!!!!! Hope I win

    2. karl fangroy

      Please make a soccer stereotype please

    3. PandaFishKeeping

      I'm so upsett Cody shaved his eyebrows I feel so bad for him

    4. Ivan Law


    5. The oulabi Family

      ᖇEᗰOᐯE ᑕOᖇYᔕ ᑎᗩᗰE Iᑎ TᕼE ᑎE᙭T ᔕᕼOᗯ

    6. Ava Avaria

      3:02 OMG

    7. 𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕜𝕪

      why did you do that lmao

    8. Nazil Sharif

      Don’t press read more... I’m not one of those guys...

    9. Ethan Meyer

      go to a youtube channel called EJ And JN The Boiz go to that on specifically that name the video is called welcome to our channel

    10. SCL Cosplay Weaponry

      RIP Cory

    11. Michael Weeks



      I'm so glad I have my eyebrows.

    13. Nascar fan

      1:47 I feel like they set that up

    14. Stone fam

      I want the people who disliked this to tell me why

    15. Pizza Eater

      When you shave eyebrows they grow back x3 thicker....Man you boys are going to be some bushy eyebrowed old men one day soon!..

    16. Carly Renee

      I could not watch this video with a straight face 😂😂

    17. All Alone Gaming

      garret got 2 out of 5.BTW you guys are awesome

    18. NUCLEAR 2022

      Is it just me or does he look like a reptilian

    19. Natsu Dragneel

      Cory look so retarded

    20. Bryan Martinez

      But Cody has lice

    21. Tyology 22

      “Ty, have a flute” my whole life is a lie I thought it was a recorder

    22. Your_Bike_Is_Mine

      I hate trending..

    23. super guys

      If you press this it will turn blue 👇

    24. Matthew Bowey

      Cory looks like an alien

    25. JJR !

      In Saskatchewan Canada we call sweatshirts bunny hugs

    26. Lyca productions official

      Seems nice

    27. Kevin Walters

      My grandma made us nose warmers for Christmas 😂

    28. Lilliana Shanks

      You should do hockey steriyo typez

    29. Chris White

      Rip eyebrows 2019

    30. Marlon Villarreal

      Hey dp can you please another game with consequences

    31. Mason Macalka

      Wheel UnCORtunate?

    32. Fiona Fitzgerald

      4:32 ya welcome

    33. sophia martinez

      Jeffry star who??? 😂😂

    34. Ari K

      2067see sun this is content

    35. Thrifter2589

      @swagbutters9 is a man whor3

    36. Dylan Martinez

      hell yea whataburger

    37. Kari McLaughlin

      A joke

    38. Kari McLaughlin

      Cory is the unluckiest person on the universe 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🧖🏼‍♂️🧳he moved

    39. Icemage Gaming

      It feels like your picking on Cory even though I no it is random I still peal really bad for him

    40. Jack Carter

      I feel bad

    41. ian pandes

      Your mean to cory 1 like to be corys friend 😊

    42. Artsy girl

      That flute is actually a recorder. Oops...😑😑🤣😄

    43. Tim McCormack

      Who wants a cookie? {\___/} (・-・) />🍪

    44. Ezayl Tovar

      When you know they have no more trickshots or cash🤑🤣😂

    45. Tara Floyd


    46. Kemuel Cox

      Who else can't tell between the two twins

    47. Lachlan Weir


    48. Carlos Orellana

      Dude 888111

    49. Z_James

      Well now I can tell the twins apart

    50. Iilmer Men's

      I'm blind I can't even tell that their eyebrows where cut off

    51. GR Double you

      will you guys tell your subs to sub to GOAT BROS everything caps and it is the top one with 2 boys on it... we are big fans of you fuys

    52. Atharv Vishnuvajhala

      so fake how does he pick himself that many times?? Fake or what?

    53. Julie Yang

      I am not going to be mean but you look ugly

    54. marianne janson

      In the next overtime can you do guest the guest again

    55. Arkofthewild

      So I randomly landed on this video and just realized that it's very recent. So recent in fact that as of right now, Cory's eyebrows haven't grown back yet. :D P.S. Do you guys have a "Everyone" paper in the hat? Because if you don't, you should.

    56. Craig Newman

      OH we dont get 100 buckssad 😢

    57. Mac and Cheese

      They should make a video of the process of Cory growing back his eyebrows😂😂

    58. Tom Nonweiler

      I think that he should be given a choice and if I looked like that I would commit suicide

    59. can we get 1000 subs with no vids Jawa

      So guys we did it, WE SHAVED OUR ********** EYEBROWS OFF

    60. LUXOR games


    61. Dane Newswanger

      Poor Cory! Although it was pretty funny. Like if u agree

    62. Jacob Guo

      TYYYYYY WHYYYYYY nvm lol

    63. TTV UglyBugly

      Cory looks so scary

    64. ZyPhi Bros

      can u random people scrolling through the comments plz sub to my channel. I just want to see how many people will ACTUALLY SUB If you do, then you are a god!! Watch the trick shots.

    65. Regenia Griffis

      I'm a fan but I just started that so eeeek y'all are amazing y'all the bomb I especially love y'alls overtimes lololololol

    66. Madison Hale

      Hey I love you guys

    67. elaine lee

      I have no eyebrows to your not alone


      1:46 when your friend gets roasted by his crush

    69. Sally Khamo

      Do school stereotypes or soccer stereotypes or football stereotypes

    70. DarkMaster379

      What happens if Ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate? It’s not like anybody can replace Ned Forrester

    71. J Jeffers

      I love yow goes

    72. 908 mons

      2nd trending

    73. Lost Eye Games

      Milking a cow straight into your mouth is very unhealthy

    74. Mong'ina O

      Cory, you messed up. 😶

    75. Yves_The_ Crazy

      What if they're wifes make a channel and the name is girl perfect

    76. Kai Koda Frazier

      lol i love gar

    77. DecTown - Roblox

      You should make a video of reacting old videos

    78. Legos and Honey

      The next time you do wheel unfortunate Cory should pick the first name and end with garret.

    79. Taylor Reddick

      At least you can tell the twins apart now

    80. Elisa Ferraro

      How do I do it

    81. The Monk.

      Pewdiepie need ur help

    82. FarOutGaming 1

      You should do restraunt or eating stereotypes

    83. Barboza Builds

      dude looks like a avatar

    84. LilRedGiant 1728

      hi dude perfect

    85. That Lightskin kid


    86. Dunkin Adam

      1 like= 3 more subs

    87. Chaouki Dehane

      Your stupid

    88. Anora MinMin

      Eyebrow shaving starts at 4:30

    89. John Marston


    90. Richard Nguyen

      1:48 Ty legit shook the ground with that jump 🤣

      1. Life Of Mia


    91. Richard Nguyen

      1:11 Cory knew he is about to shave his eyebrows. Touching them for the final time 😂

    92. Ronnie Mull


    93. Lucy Paire

      That's unfortunate.

    94. Piggy Lover

      Come to Canada

    95. chilly demo

      that's just creepy

    96. Chase Gaming


    97. abby melius

      you are so cool

    98. Mya DeVos

      Love your videos

    99. Nomony

      Why is this trending

      1. Anora MinMin

        New zealand?

    100. Ren Zhen

      I wonder what happens if ty gets wheel unfortunate