Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

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    Watch Cardi B’s speech for Best Rap Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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    1. Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

      Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album For 'Invasion Of Privacy' | 2019 GRAMMYs :

      1. Ángel P.Enriquez

        The QUEEN of Rap is CARDI B

      2. Clean Music


      3. AmealonRBX

        Recording Academy / GRAMMYs how funny I get the cardi b OKURR cermecial

      4. Cathaleen King

        Naww... the highest accomplishment is becoming a lady of the evening to the to 1st lady of this country!!

      5. john c

        +Craziest Auditions you sound like a brain dead idiot. she is the last person to deserve a award of any type. i could give you a list of 20 names of people who sould have won that award other then her


      i love her.

    3. Andrea Lee

      Astroworld deserved better

    4. Ángel P.Enriquez

      Me encanta CARDI , de tanto que la odian 😍 hicieron que me gustara :3 ❤

    5. Fannie Dapaah

      She's pretty

    6. Son Of Yahweh Living Kemite

      Her WINNING best Rapper For 2019 Shows HOW TRASH All Guy rappers Are There's no point to Listen To Most of these Guys Anymore Congratulations Cardi B 🏆👐🏿😚

    7. Great Tasting Goodness

      I bet someone get some fire head that night

    8. kabelo makgoba

      Indeed this girl really deserves the award the record label bought for her! lol😂😁😆.

    9. ashkashdash

      Well deserved

    10. Jazmine's World

      I love Cardi B!!!! Let this be a testament that you can do anything you set your mind to. From stripper to the Grammy’s!!! Don’t sleep on anyone!!! Love her!

    11. Lacrystal N Kidz

      This made me tear up😭

    12. Lacrystal N Kidz

      Aww congrats deserved it ❤

    13. M.Kaplan

      bravo Cardi B ❤️❤️❤️

    14. Adrian Sarmiento

      I never saw Cardi B crying omfg

    15. Shaniqua Dewese

      This was genuine she was not looking for this win but she got it... She didn't know what to say just finding her words as she go along... Extremely proud of cardi

    16. Виктор Кучин

      пиздец помойка блять

    17. Jair Danny Llatance Salas

      Cardi B

    18. kaizenitou Z

      Man the jealousy in the eyes tells no lies. Some of those females are jaded, some of the dudes too.

    19. K Barnett


    20. Isabel L.M

      Cardi B 🎤💖🎵

    21. Ashante Hoke

      Awww so cute he kept saying u ok you’ll be all right .. decent !!!! Yea cardi , the love and jokes , the scene was amazing !!! They wanted her to win ! All diff colors in the audience 👌🏽

    22. I'll get you Bish

      Hispanics run this mang Yoooh know this....mannnnnn

    23. Reble 9

      😍so happy for her,love her music

    24. R King

      Honestly, I went from disliking her, to liking her, to loving her! Humble, real, raw , street and sexy! Her accomplishments her huge. Bravo.

    25. Houdini

      The music should have started 3 minutes ago

    26. Happy

      Aw I am so happy for her! I love seeing Offset by her side even though they not together no more. I fuck with Cardi so much because she a real bitch from the hood and to see her make it is sooo amazing and inspiring !! It may not have been the best speech but it was real and from the heart ❤️

    27. Nicolas Marão

      Bro Travis was already ready for an entrance

    28. Carlos Abundes

      I don't really like her music but I love her. She is a real person.

    29. Astonishing kid

      She deserves that!!!😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

    30. random monkey

      Post malone’s face is every single one of us

    31. radha baraili

      They should make a movie on her period!!!!

    32. Nichelle Haith

      Awesome congratulations Cardi

    33. fernando apolonio filho

      É só falar" card card "em toda música pra ganhar o grammy

    34. Vomar Yanez

      Yo Post Malone 2:17

    35. kiwifamous wilkes

      Ughhh offset

    36. danny walker jr.

      Ok..cardi b is no different from iggy..nicki...trina..foxy brown...lil kim. ..should i keep going??? And all of them had ghostwriters at some point in their careers...but all of these wonderful ladies worked their asses off to get where they are today. I don't see the point of hating on an artist because of petty shit , y'all dumbasses love to whine about. Cause at the end of the mutha fuckin day..cardi b no gdamn different from the rest. Everyone has flaws n faults..stop being bird shit droppers

    37. Merry Christmas

      "Maybe I need to start smoking weed"

    38. Merry Christmas

      This is why aliens don't visit us

    39. Ocho A

      People still care about the grammys?

    40. Itsallpretendtho 1

      Wow these people are really brain dead here

    41. Lamarkas Sneed

      She did it🙏🏿🏆

    42. zanthrax corp

      2:02 bruh is that a real human being ?

    43. Jaqueline Camarillo

      awh cardi so cute :,)

    44. nee Hin

      That was the most sincere and humble acceptance speech I've ever seen.

    45. acmcbride86

      Cardi B did something Nicki Minaj hasn't done. Best rap album. Queen Nicki has been knocked down and cardi is here

    46. Suzanne Stone

      Awww so sweet ❤️

    47. hello beauty

      Was waiting for a " *okurrr* " on her acceptance speech

    48. Alicia Lund

      Dang girl. You get it. You deserve it. I’m not trying to hate I do love Cardi. She is amazing don’t get me wrong. Buttt on the other hand she did get nominated for 4 other Grammys. Couldn’t they just give this one to Mac Miller.

    49. Clear minds

      I love Cardi. She's awesoooooome

    50. Shelly Miles

      Well deserved.....

    51. Nyc Nyc


    52. The Self-Lovening

      She's such a beautiful, authentic, down to earth person, I can't comprehend the hate at all. This woman had every reason to quit and refused to, has accomplished her dream and to me it's absolutely moving to see how emotional she was here. She inspires me greatly as a symbol of infinite possibilities with enough self-belief and determination. She deserves all the accolade and more ❤️

    53. It's A Mclovin

      So she doesn't write her own raps, so does Drake & they both got a Grammy.

    54. Alfa Revaldy

      Congratulation cardi

    55. M

      Goodbye and good riddance was better than most of the nominations

    56. Didi M

      She looked decent and she didn't swear or add any okurr. She was classy

    57. Apryll Mays

      From Love and Hip Hop to the Grammy's!!! That's what happens when you humble yourself

    58. Jason Kendall

      I’m not sure how I can phrase this without it sounding petty and like some sort of sour grapes but here goes. Kudos to.Cardi for her award. She struggled to get to where she is and that is a noble skill set. Like everyone else in music she is trying to find her way . However , tonight there are hundred of thousands of musicians . People who have dedicated their lives playing countless hours of thankless notes for marginal pay and for fleeting accolades all for the live of their art. People who are true masters who’s genius will never be known. The. There are the rest of us working stiffs who have given our lives to pursuing musical knowledge and craft. Looking for the next place to play in a world where live music is fading. Imagine if you will , the insult to the musical community to giving a Grammy award to a non musician. I get it, she represents a raw grit and attitude . Music is an art form that regardless of complexity must move a listener to matter . My concern is that American music s a whole has forgotten musicians and writers and embraced attitude alone. Attitude is important and originality is importnat( no one ever accused the famines or Dylan of being great musicians ) but at what point to we give an award to greatness over flavor. Alicia Keys was the goat at the show and displayed a talent so rare that only a fraction of living humans possess it. In sports you reward the Lebron James or the Sidney Crosby or the Serena Williams not the person dressed up like the Pirate parrot . American music is a sacred and a unique amalgamation of the myriad of flavors mixed into our shared experience with all of its beauty and ugliness. It’s ours. Perhaps the Grammy should stop pandering to the ratings and celebrate real artists . I am thankful that as a kid I had real musicians to inspire me instead of a bunch of nameless faceless tracks behind strippers and pretty dancers . Let’s celebrate the writers the creators the visionary. Not Hannah Montana . I. The early sixties they replaced authenticity with Frankie Avalon and “ the man” took what was pure and made it profitable no wonder middle school kids still wear Beatles T-shirt’s. . Were kids N the sixties wearing Duke Ellington shirts? Musicians of the world unite ! Give talent a chance! And stop rewarding mediocrity.

    59. Brianna Gardner

      I freaking love her. These emotions are real, she came from the bottom and made it so far! She's so genuine and I love that about her. And she deserved it too. Her music was ALL over the radio last year (and my spotify playlist!) i don't know who half the other nominees are. YOU GO GIRL!

    60. mic dubb

      How can you not love Cardi??? She's so adorably real

    61. Lova Smith

      We NEED a CARDI B movie now!

    62. RaceIsOpen

      Glad she won!

    63. Mary Peterson

      With all the technology in the world people still want "realness", flesh and blood and Cardi delivers. She does reach across with her authenticity. Congratulations Cardi B!

    64. Domingo Moya

      yassssssssssssssss queen. everybody was there for i never had second thought about u winning i just love u that much.

    65. Angel Materan

      I need to smoke a weed too so bad

    66. Ileana Hope

      I don't like rap music but I am glad for her. SHE IS SO HUMBLE. GOD BLESS HER. AND ALL YOU HATING ON HER SHAME ON YOU.

      1. massimoxperia

        U know nothing gtfo

    67. Preshus Coleman

      Is It Me Or Does She Seem Oldly But Wierdly Programed Or Controlled?⌚⌚

    68. camila arreola

      I love you cardi

    69. The Mockingjai

      I am so happy for Cardi's success!!! ❤️❤️❤️ GoGirl

    70. AfcGunner

      I still cant wrap my head around the fact the Kamikazee didnt win let alone get fucking nominated. Eminem was the highest selling artist of 2018, Kamikaze went Number 1 in over 70 countries 24hrz after its SURPRISE release. Probli because he dissed the grammy's but rightfully so!! Doesnt mean you can take away what he did in 2018.

    71. Alina Hernandez

      So honest and amazing love you cardi ❤️❤️❤️

    72. Jason Guyer

      Ya cardi b one the Grammy Award I'm so happy and proud of cardi B ocoooooo🏅😍😍😆🤑 Shmoney

    73. Randy Sue

      Maybe u should start smokin weed


      Go Cardi!! Her acceptance speech was from the 💜

    75. Emma’s ASMR

      Cardi is one of the most realest artists out there. She uses her real voice, not a fake voice. Here’s an example: if you’ve ever heard Ariana grandes voice, it is so much different than her singing voice.

    76. Tasha Vladimiroff

      Good for her. She had an amazing year

    77. Erick Halliwell


    78. Kringey Kiki

      That bodyguard don bumped into Halle

    79. Rigby

      1 GURL 4 boys wow❤️

    80. DeadlyColt45

      I don’t hate on a person success but really? Best rap how? Her lyrics aren’t complex her rhymes schemes aren’t the best, also got caught up using a ghost writers song last year just saying! Then to top it all off we see mumble rappers getting nominated I’m sorry but if your album isn’t number one in sells or streams how tf is it number one in rap? #LetTalkAboutIt

    81. Tri K


    82. La'Tishia S

      Her nerves had me shaking aww!!! Bless her!

    83. Edward Fuentes

      Why is FARTY D not using profanity and using N word in her speech? She so REAL, then be not a hypocrite..."CHILD" instead of "MY N@#%&@#, what a liar.

    84. Shister real

      Omg Cardi B slays with her baby she deserves cause she worked even though she was pregnant now look at her now congrats Cardi ❤❤🔥

    85. akram knowles

      Gracious winner CARDI B

    86. J. Varice

      Some people take shots at the thrown, but the "J's" show a little more respect. I'm tired of sitting on the bench all the time. I'm done playing with this rap shit. SoFlo raised, Gaines"ville" bred, and NY made...I present "Sixth Man of The Year" inspired by J. Cole's "Album of the Year." Let me know what you guys think! Much love @ @

    87. # LulChloee

      i cried 😫.. omg i’m happy for her 💘💘

    88. Sierra Beard

      Awwww glowing

    89. Dwight Schrute

      The humble speech I was not expecting

    90. Dee Dee M

      Congrats Mommy you did it!!! Respect!! I bet Gwinning entertainment or whatever that whack guy from LHH mad now. He shoulda signed her. Lol

    91. Erza Scarlet

      U deserved it sis .

    92. Anacristina Sousa

      I’m just so happy for her congratulations mama you are so beautiful

    93. Richard Cerda

      Que mujer tan flayte


      Only 2000babies disliked 💀💀

    95. Tyrannosaurus_STFU the III

      That's equivalent to "Best 3 day old turd" award.

    96. Kitisha D

      You know you shook when you can't figure out what to say and the music comes on lol

    97. Jalisa Woodson

      😂😂😂😂 wtf!

    98. Austin Henson


    99. alyssa Rayana

      Damn she shaking

    100. Phillip Shelton

      This was the best natural reaction to winning an award of this caliber. She was so sincere and honest with her speech. Go Cardi B, you deserved it.